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It's always difficult to choose a favourite record when so many mean different things, I guess great records are records you can listen to over and over and never get tired. The first music I got into before punk and alternative rock was soul and rap. I was a big fan of Public Enemy and I also couldn't stop listening to Aretha Franklin's voice and particularly the rhythm and feel of "Rock Steady", it was mesmerising. I chose Minnie Riperton's PERFECT ANGEL because of its sound and feel and because it is one of the greatest sounding records I own. It's rare for any record to capture and sustain such an instinctive sense of feel and dynamic throughout. With this record Minnie Riperton and the musicians around her sound completely free. As soon as the record starts the speakers fill with a broad warm sound that creates a pull that lifts the senses. The way the drums, guitar and bass and Minnie's vocals complement each other is magical. Often I don't even hear the lyrics because I'm listening to just the sound of her voice. This is probably her best record, and it's one that used to get played in a club that I used to go to called World Headquarters back in the day. Since I've owned the record I've been able to get closer to the sound. The inspiration is not so much the technical side of the music but how it creates a feel and an atmosphere. It takes me out of just listening.

Duncan Lloyd

ist hauptberuflich Gitarrist bei

Maximo Park

. Gerade hat er bei Warp Records das schöne LowFi-Gitarrenpop- Soloalbum SEEING DOUBLE herausgebracht.

Duncan Lloyd - 01.03.2009

Maximo Park gibt es bei

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