Ashs neues Album „KABLAMMO!“ im Stream und mit Track-by-Track-Kommentaren von der Band


Ganze acht Jahre ist es her, seitdem Ash ihr letztes Studioalbum veröffentlichten. Nun erschien am 22. Mai mit KABLAMMO! der Nachfolger zu TWILIGHT OF THE INNOCENCE von 2007. Bei uns gibt es das neue Werk der Nordiren nicht nur in voller Länge im Stream zu hören, sondern auch ausführliche Track-by-Track-Anmerkungen von der Band zu lesen.


TIM: We were toying with Evel Knievel starting the record but there’s something really great about Cocoon. We announced the album on Ash Wednesday along with Cocoon and it got a great response straight away. It ties in, somehow it sounds like early Ash. It’s weird because I wrote the music on ukelele. I think that is the secret.  We needed to return to some sort of simplicity and the ukelele is a very simple instrument. And amazingly it translates very well to writing pop songs, which was a good new discovery. As soon as we started playing it, it was like ‘oh, this feels great.’
MARK: It came together in five minutes, couple of run throughs, get it down. It instantly sounded great. Coming back to it, it has all the elements of Ash that people relate to, melodic, up-tempo, full of energy.

TIM: Again, going back to the crazy drums. It hurtles along in a reckless way. The reckless way of Rick McMurray. Also it’s a song about re-emergence. It was one of the earlier songs written for the record. I’d done a solo album Lost Domain which is about losing my father to alzheimer’s. During that time I was quite depressed, a bit secluded, isolated.  So it relates to that time.  About re-emergence, being about to break out of that. Which worked as a nice metaphor for the band too.  

RICK: Someone said, when I played them the song – ‘It’s going to be a great opener for the set. You can all come out of cocoons.’ Haha.  A Spinal Tap entry.

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