Sassan Niasseri


1. Speech Debelle: Freedom of Speech
2. Angelo Badalamenti: Fats Revisited & The Voice of Love (Lieder)

3. Deathprod: Nathan Daniel’s Tune From Hawaii
4. The Big Pink: Future This
5. Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra: Night Must Fall
6. Visit Venus: Music for Space Tourism 1

7. Genesis: Tonight. Tonight, Tonight + In The Glow of the Night (Songs)

8. Trailer Trash Tracys: Strangling Good Guys (Song)
9. The Twelves: Night Vision (Daft Punk-Cover)

10. INXS: Welcome To Wherever You Are 

Josephine Baker: Nackttänzerin, Anti-Rassismus-Idol, Freiheitskämpferin