Michael Sailer


1. Sex Pistols: Seventeen2. Hüsker Dü: Ice Cold Ice3. Sham 69: Hersham Boys4. The Thermals: Our Trip5. The Hypnotics: Nazi Snotzi6. Queen: Sheer Heart Attack7. Rancid: The Wolf8. Cock Sparrer: Running Riot9. Angelic Upstarts: I’m An Upstart10. Teenage Fanclub & Donna Matthews: Personality Crisis11. The Black Halos: Burning Trash12. The Adverts: One Chord Wonders13. PIL: Public Image14. Be Your Own Pet: OUCH15. The Damned: Burglar16. Cockney Rejects: Flares’n’Slippers17. Robert: Wird sehen18. Slade: Keep Your Hands Off My Power Supply19. The Depressions: Do Something20. Snuff: Too Late

wop – 05.02.2008

Freddie Mercury: München ehrt verstorbenen Queen-Sänger mit eigener Straße