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Dev Hynes (Blood Orange) zollt der verstorbenen Peaches Geldof Tribut

Dev Hynes hat seine Trauer über den Tod von Peaches Geldof öffentlich gemacht. Auf seinem Tumblr-Blog schreibt der New Yorker Musiker ausführlich über Geldof, mit der er gut befreundet war., und erinnert sich unter anderem an gemeinsames Burger essen

Bob Geldofs Tochter Peaches Geldof wurde am 7. April 2014 tot in ihrer Wohnung aufgefunden. Sie hinterlässt Ehemann Thomas Cohen, Sänger der Band S.C.U.M., sowie zwei Kinder. Geldof wurde 25 Jahre alt.

Lest hier den kompletten Blogeintrag von Dev Hynes im Original:

I’m on a plane flying to L.A from New York right now.

I remember making this same journey 4 years ago. At a point in my life where I didn’t really know many people in L.A, and if I did.. they were nothing more than acquaintances.

At this moment in time, I knew that Peaches had moved from NYC to LA. As soon as I landed I called her.

We met up for what would become tradition in her stint in Los Angeles & my back and forth from New York, we ate burgers. I’m serious, this was really the first thing we’d meet up and do every time, no questions asked.

Although there was one time were before we ate, she’d convinced me to buy a pack of porno playing cards to do magic tricks for her, i obliged, I was heavily into magic at the time, what more can I say?

It’s funny that this would be the memory ringing in my head right now. There are plenty of memories growing up & coming of age in London with her, my dear friends Fifi, Fred and the rest of the gang. Even when I first moved to New York 7 years ago, and she’d also just moved to NYC with her good friend Lily, who in turn became a very close friend of mine, I didn’t really live anywhere at the time & I would spend every day in their apartment. But for some reason right now the memory of LA sticks out.

Tame Impala: Alle Alben im Überblick